The travel industry has traditionally been fragmented and tough for emerging startups to crack since much of the data & tech was locked behind proprietary providers. This has been changing the past several years, with a lot of travel providers opening up their own developer portals and API access to their services.

Through the use of APIs, we are able to get real-time data and put that information at the fingertips of our travel solutions. The result is exactly what you’d expect – a more satisfying travel experience.
Tourism Information & Services Hub by Singapore Tourism Board
Tourism Information & Services Hub by Singapore Tourism Board

The Tourism Information & Services Hub (TIH) is a digital resource platform for businesses to access relevant information on Singapore's tourism offerings and travel software services.


Over the past several months, Lumo have been asked by customers for various pieces of data that might be useful while traveling. Are case counts increasing? What are the lockdown restrictions? Do I need to fill out a form? What is my airline's cleaning policy? Can you tell me how many people will be on my flight? Are restaurants open in the city I'm going to? How does public transportation work? What they're really asking is this: Is it safe to travel again and how much of a hassle will it be?

AirGateway NDC API

NDC Gateway is a fully NDC-capable aggregated API which enables OTAs, OBTs, CBTs, SCBTs to adopt the NDC standard in a seamless way while saving development times and costs. It's real-time design provides no offer-expiration issues and therefore the highest "bookability" rate. 

Carbon Emissions Calculator by MyClimate

Calculate the carbon emission of a single flight or multiple flights at once. Specify the origin airport, the destination and the seat class. We support more advanced parameters, such as stopover, number of passengers and one-way/roundtrips.

The formula to calculate carbon emissions of flights is developed and updated by myclimate. It is renowned and well documented.