A well-designed solution inspires trust and is directly correlated to the credibility of a travel provider's customer facing channels. The overall design and user-experience is often the deciding factor for a customer to book.

Here are some starting points from some of the most innovative designers on the market.....
Competitive Benchmark for an Airline app by Daria Soroka

Competitive Benchmark for an Airline app by Daria Soroka

  • Lufthansa
  • EasyJet
  • Finnair
  • SkyScanner
Fly Airline Booking App - a UX Case Study on Behance

A full "Fly Airline Flight Booking App" UX case study on Behance


EVA Air Redesign (unofficial) by Hulda oo

It’s a mobile application that uses more information design in airline knowledge and many kinds of difficult rules, this approve user can easier to understand and get the latest news. To help traveler more enjoy their trip!

Pricebox by on Dribbble
Pricebox by

Hello, guys 👋

We have about 1/3 access to our booking page from 📱 phones. It’s a really huge number and it’s still ⏫ increasing. It’s a reason why I made this update of the price box. It takes less space, but still keeping up you with the current price. We should release this feature next week so if you want to know some numbers and results from A/B test, follow me on ⚠️ my Instagram, where I’ll publish more details.