ReactJS Seatmap by Duffel

Duffel Seat Selection component for React allows you to launch a seat selection map on your website in no time. It takes all the necessary information from the Duffel API responses (including seat price and placement) regardless of how it differs per plane and present it in a way that your customers can easily see and understand. Seat Selection can handle all of these nuances and allow your customer to find their perfect seat.

Demand Forecasting - a Jupyter Notebook by PredictHQ

PredictHQ provide event APIs and tools which among other things can be used for forecasting so you can model the impact of events on your demand. The goal is to increase your forecast accuracy by taking into account the impact of events on demand.

PredictHQ’s Aggregate Event Impact demonstrates how to improve the accuracy of a demand forecasting model and add features to your model that use the Aggregated Event Impact data.

Head over to sign up for an API key and give it a try! 

Flight Dashboard by JJimmyFlynn

Rough implementation of a dribble shot.

Competitive Benchmark for an Airline app by Daria Soroka

Competitive Benchmark for an Airline app by Daria Soroka

  • Lufthansa
  • EasyJet
  • Finnair
  • SkyScanner
Fly Airline Booking App - a UX Case Study on Behance

A full "Fly Airline Flight Booking App" UX case study on Behance



Over the past several months, Lumo have been asked by customers for various pieces of data that might be useful while traveling. Are case counts increasing? What are the lockdown restrictions? Do I need to fill out a form? What is my airline's cleaning policy? Can you tell me how many people will be on my flight? Are restaurants open in the city I'm going to? How does public transportation work? What they're really asking is this: Is it safe to travel again and how much of a hassle will it be?

react-google-flight-datepicker by JSLancerTeam

Google flight date picker implemented in ReactJS

EVA Air Redesign (unofficial) by Hulda oo

It’s a mobile application that uses more information design in airline knowledge and many kinds of difficult rules, this approve user can easier to understand and get the latest news. To help traveler more enjoy their trip!