Carbon Emissions Calculator by MyClimate

Calculate the carbon emission of a single flight or multiple flights at once. Specify the origin airport, the destination and the seat class. We support more advanced parameters, such as stopover, number of passengers and one-way/roundtrips.

The formula to calculate carbon emissions of flights is developed and updated by myclimate. It is renowned and well documented.

Animated Flight Routes from AmCharts

An animated flight route demo. Made possible by the freshly released V3.17.

Set up lines on the map. Animate any SVG image along it. Or enhance it even further with event handlers and API functions.

TourNest – a Travel Agency Template by ThemeSINE

TourNest is an extraordinary HTML5 responsive website template for Tours. Our UX designers specially designed it for travel agencies, tourism bureaus and tour operators. It offers a lot of value to you with stunning design and the great & awesome layout. It’s really good looking with bright colors and user engaging with a great user interface.
TourNest has a special search box function for tour plans, flight booking, and hotel sections. So users will get benefit from tour planning to hotel booking through flight selection.

Gloo by Harnish Design

Gloo is a very simple, clean, and responsive bootstrap free Itinerary HTML template. Which will help you to create itinerary page for Travel and Flight itinerary. The code is impeccable and simple and enables any engineer to change it effectively. You can also customize it for other use as you see fit.

Tourism Information & Services Hub by Singapore Tourism Board
Tourism Information & Services Hub by Singapore Tourism Board

The Tourism Information & Services Hub (TIH) is a digital resource platform for businesses to access relevant information on Singapore's tourism offerings and travel software services.

jQuery Seat Charts (JSC)  by Mateusz
jQuery Seat Charts (JSC) by Mateusz

jQuery Seat Charts (JSC) is a full-blown seat map library. It will generate an accessible map, legend, handle mouse & keyboard events and finally give you powerful selectors to control your map.

Pricebox by Kiwi.com on Dribbble
Pricebox by Kiwi.com

Hello, guys 👋

We have about 1/3 access to our booking page from 📱 phones. It’s a really huge number and it’s still ⏫ increasing. It’s a reason why I made this update of the price box. It takes less space, but still keeping up you with the current price. We should release this feature next week so if you want to know some numbers and results from A/B test, follow me on ⚠️ my Instagram, where I’ll publish more details.

AirGateway NDC API

NDC Gateway is a fully NDC-capable aggregated API which enables OTAs, OBTs, CBTs, SCBTs to adopt the NDC standard in a seamless way while saving development times and costs. It's real-time design provides no offer-expiration issues and therefore the highest "bookability" rate.