Open Source

By its very essence, open source fuels enterprising organizations, because unlike cookie-cutter solutions available from proprietary systems, it enables greater innovation and differentiation, helping companies stand apart and encouraging healthy competition at a lower cost.

Travel solutions can benefit from open source as both a learning tool and a springboard for the next must-have app.
Gloo by Harnish Design

Gloo is a very simple, clean, and responsive bootstrap free Itinerary HTML template. Which will help you to create itinerary page for Travel and Flight itinerary. The code is impeccable and simple and enables any engineer to change it effectively. You can also customize it for other use as you see fit.

jQuery Seat Charts (JSC)  by Mateusz
jQuery Seat Charts (JSC) by Mateusz

jQuery Seat Charts (JSC) is a full-blown seat map library. It will generate an accessible map, legend, handle mouse & keyboard events and finally give you powerful selectors to control your map.